Managed Services

Managed Services

Computers, and other technology assets, are just like cars. They require regularly scheduled maintenance to keep performing at their best.  Our Managed Services program keeps your tech in tip-top shape, without any unexpected bills.  For one flat rate (per device) we provide Help Desk, Troubleshooting, Maintenance, Update/Upgrade, and Backup Verification services.

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Managed Services


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Why Pay for Ongoing Support?

Most companies start with the “do-it-yourself” approach to IT maintenance.  Maybe you have a bright niece, or a friendly neighbor who you can call when things go awry.  Many people do it, but after a certain point, how long can you afford to wait for someone to “make time” for your needs?

Today’s tech landscape is also growing ever more complex. Cloud services, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms, network security; these used to be terms only used in large corporations.  Now most every small business is using 2-3 mission critical cloud applications in the course of their regular work.  Add in cumbersome regulations like HIPAA and data security requirement PCI-DSS, Suddenly, a jack-of-all-trades can easily become overwhelmed.

What happens when the Internet goes down?  Or a computer “crashes”?  Sure, your data may be safe in the cloud, but it is useless to you if you can’t actually get to it.

You need someone on your team to manage your IT assets proactively. Don’t pay for someone to fix things after they are broken, when you can pay us to keep them from breaking in the first place.

Key Features

Our Managed Services Program ensures that all your IT needs are met in a consistent and cost effective way.  We also offer the convenience of flat-rate pricing.  No need to haggle or wonder if someone is getting a better deal than you. 

Remote Help Desk

Our US-based Remote Help Desk is staffed by technicians who are available from 7pm – 7am, M-F to assist.  As a Managed Services Program client, you will receive an access code that gets you into our call center with first priority.  If you have after-hours needs, we can also arrange extended support options for an additional charge..

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Backup & Recovery

With so much data living in the cloud, it’s easy to forget to that we still have lots of stuff on our computers.  Documents, PDFs, spreadsheets; we make sure your backup solution is running and working.  Should an unfortunate event occur, we will also work through the necessary processes to get your stuff back, fast!

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Software Updates

Most software packages are designed up update automatically; but sometimes they don’t!  Our technicians will verify that your machine has the latest security and software updates for your OS and apps.  We will also work with you to ensure your proprietary line-of-business apps are also up-to-date and fully secured..

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Hardware Repair

Accidents happen and things break, we understand that.  So we include break/fix support as a part of the Managed Services Program. If the device is under warranty, we will work with you to get the repair completed by the device OEM.  For devices that are out of warranty, we will advise on repair options and assist with the fix.  The only thing you pay for are the parts..

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Design & Consulting

IT operations never take place in a static environment.  As you grown and build your business our service will grow with you. As a Managed Services Program client, you get access to our design team who can help you map out your needs both now and into the future..

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On-Site Support

Sometimes we just need to get hands-on.  When we can’t troubleshoot an issue remotely, we will send someone to your location to resolve the issue.  Our average response time is 4 business hours, so you won’t be waiting long! The best news? On-site support during business hours in INCLUDED in your Premier Support Package!

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We are ready to provide you the best IT support services in the Chicagoland area.  Please complete our contact form and someone from our sales team will reach to out you to schedule a conversation.

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