Cybersecurity & networking

Cybersecurity & Networking

Today’s connected devices need tomorrow’s protection.  Online threats are continuously evolving with ever more threats and any number of bad actors are trying to compromise your systems and steal your data.  Whether it’s rogue nation states testing their latest malware or a cagey 16-year-0ld looking to “practice” a newfound skill, cyber security threats are real and ever-present.  Our team has the capacity and expertise to protect your network, and the data moving across it.

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Cybersecurity & Networking

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Do I really need to worry?

Cybersecurity ImageIn a word, yes.  It used to be that hackers wanted to either a) play around and do damage for fun or b) target big players with deep pockets to get something out of them.  The cyber threat landscape has changed dramatically in the last 3-5 years.  

Today, hackers understand that it may be easier to extract smaller sums of money from business owners, schools, and other unprotected organizations.  They also realize the value of controlling the data and systems of large institutions with more available resources.  As a result, no organization is too big or too small to become a target.

Ransomware is just one simple example where freely available online tools can be weaponized against your systems by even the most novice of “hacker”.  Once they’re in you face the dubious choice of handing over money in the hope they can and will undo their damage.  And because the tools may be wielded by the inexperienced or inept, it’s a 50:50 proposition that paying the money will even work.

Don’t wait for an attack to happen.  Our Managed Services Program clients are automatically audited and protected against the latest attacks and threats.  We can also develop a custom program for your organization that includes Phishing campaigns, network penetration testing, and more.  Let’s get started.

What’s Included

Our Endpoint Management solutions can be deployed in the cloud, or on-premise at your business location.  We have robust experience in deploying, managing, and retiring endpoints using the latest tools and technologies.  We can also support many legacy configurations until you are ready to make the leap to “modern management”.  


Threats are ever-evolving online and having the right anti-virus solution is a key component securing your device.  Let us help you pick the right A/V solution for your needs and your budget..

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Network Monitoring

Our 24/7 network monitoring tools can identify unusual traffic patterns and service outages even while you sleep.  If we see something, we can notify you and begin remediation, often times before you even know there is a problem.

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Today’s threats require advance security protection to keep the bad guys out and your company data in. We partner with a number of Firewall/UTM makers, so we can tailor a solution that fits your needs..

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Anti-Phishing Campaign

People are inherently trusting of what they see, and scammers will use this to their advantage. We can help you conduct a phishing campaign to help you train users in identifying fake emails and potential data scams..

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Penetration Testing

Trust but verify! That is our approach even after we have secured your network. Penetration testing ensures everything is working as expected. It is also an oft-missed requirement for PCI-DSS compliance.

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Network Design

Guests and visitors now expect wi-fi everywhere, employees carry 2-3 devices both business and personal, and IoT is here today, We have the expertise to help you build a network that is robust, secure, and regulations compliant.

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